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Accurate labels developed for your electrical distribution system.
Learn how to read and apply the concepts on arc flash warning labels.
A written safety program is the first step to remaining OSHA compliant.

Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Compliance Engineers

Data Collection

Our friendly, trained experts go onsite to your facility and collect electrical safety data to provide the most comprehensive analysis possible.

Electrical Analysis

We believe in quality work for all our clients, so Herzig Engineering can provide you with one-line drawings, hazard mitigation methods, and feedback on your electrical systems.

Warning Labels

Herzig Engineering can provide your facility with the appropriate NFPA arc flash hazard warning labels. Our electrical engineering experts can apply your labels to meet OSHA and NFPA requirements.



The World Leader in
Electrical Safety and Training

Herzig Engineering has performed arc flash analysis for hundreds of the world’s biggest and smallest companies, and we always exceed expectations by delivering outstanding service and quality data.



Herzig Engineering is your Electrical Safety Partner

Herzig Enginering is passionate about creating a positive electrical safety culture. Our electrical engineers can guide you in maximizing the safety culture at your facility and at your company.

What is Arc Flash?
An Arc Flash is any event in your electrical system that generates an unwanted and unexpected release of energy. This arc flash will cause significant damage to your equipment and severely injure your employees.
What Causes an Arc Flash?
When insulating means is no longer adequate to inhibit the flow of current between conductors the air ionizes causing an arc. This arcing fault releases energy into the surrounding environment. This energy can be devastating to both worker and equipment.
What is an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis?
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis calculates the incident energy generated during an electrical arc event using the magnitude and potential time duration of these events at various electrical devices in your system. 
Latest Safety Standards
Herzig Engineering will ensure that your facility and equipment are OSHA compliant and practicing the latest safety standards as stated in the NFPA 70E 2012, OSHA, NEC, IEEE 1584, ANSI, & ASTM.